For the ensemble vocalist.
If you sing in a choir, glee club or other ensemble, you can sing more accurately and confidently.

You want to sing your best

Whether that means learning your part faster, singing more accurately, more beautifully, or harmonizing with other parts elegantly... You already practice and rehearse, you just want to do it better.

For the ensemble vocalist who needs to learn rep faster, wants to hear more improvement, or simply wants a better way to learn and practice his/her parts, Choir Prodigy fits your needs.

Mobile learning and practicing.
Choir Prodigy singing app provides interactive music notation that evaluates your singing in real-time.

Finally. A singing app that adapts to you

Cho!r prodigy is your coach, accompanist, assistant and repertoire all-in-one.

HEAR your line of music – alone or with harmonies
SEE your line of music – alone or with harmonies
SING your line of music – alone or with harmonies

Choir Prodigy gives you as much or as little help as you want – instantly.

No other computer system can actually hear your pitch and help you instantly.  No other system knows if you are singing the right vowel with good tone – and help you instantly.  Only Choir Prodigy has the power to teach you and coach you instantly.

Others don't listen to you.
Sing tapes, metronomes and simple sheet music can't listen to you sing.

Other practice aids don't provide instant feedback

Unlike sing tapes that don't listen to you, or the prohibitive cost of hiring a personal vocal coach and accompanist for hours each day, Choir Prodigy is there, wherever and whenever you want.

Other practice tools cannot deliver everything you need. They don't listen to you. They don't track how well you sing each part. They don't let you adjust tempo without changing pitch. They don't let you adjust reference and accompaniment tracks.

Add it up and it's the traditional practice tools themselves that are holding your singing back.

Eliminate barriers.
Learn faster. Sing accurately. Perform confidently.

Liberate your singing

Choir Prodigy eliminates the barriers of inconvenience, limited functionality and prohibitive cost that prevent you from singing your best.

Take Choir Prodigy with you, get immediate feedback and coaching while you practice, and sing as much as you want.

You’ll learn your parts faster, sing more accurately, and perform in the ensemble more confidently. Halleluah.

Choir Prodigy runs on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch - you can download Choir Prodigy as often as you wish and use it on five devices at the same time. Use Choir Prodigy on your home laptop, the school iPad, on the office desktop, in the car with iPhone, iPad in the Choir loft - anywhere - any combination you can dream up is yours to play and sing everywhere you go.