No manual needed.
Cho!r Prodigy is amazingly simple so you can focus on what's important - singing.

Get to the good stuff, quickly.

Choir Prodigy is so simple to operate you don’t need a manual or extensive directions.

Simply start Choir Prodigy, choose your piece and part you want to practice, and start singing.

It's really a mobile rehearsal room, with a mobile accompanist, mobile coach and mobile assistant.

Because Choir Prodigy listens to every note you sing, you can track exactly what you've sung, for how long and how well you sang it. You'll spend less time wondering what to learn or practice, and more time enjoying singing and perfecting your craft.

The keys to sing better.
It's all about timing, pitch and vowel quality.

Instant feedback: Once you have it, you don't go back.

A private instructor helps you learn and improve by listening to you and providing immediate feedback. But what if it's cost prohibitive to take lessons every day for an hour? Or your instructor only has availability once a week?

You could record yourself and send the recording to the instructor, but that requires the time to record, the time for the instructor to listen to it and provide feedback. The lag time itself severely diminishes the usefulness of the feedback to improve your singing. You spend more time waiting around than receiving feedback on what to do.

Choir Prodigy provides instant feedback and quantified evaluation so that you can improve while you are learning and practicing. By receiving quantified evaluation - instantly - you will accelerate your mastery of pieces and parts.

Endless lit.
Thousands of vocal parts and growing.

Timeless masterpieces at your fingers.

Choir Prodigy membership includes a huge library of hundreds of choral masterpieces, and the library grows everyday. As a member of Choir Prodigy you can use as many pieces as you wish, as much as you want, for a low monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime.

Each musical work is split into its parts, including parts like soprano II or tenor II, baritone, and even quintus for Renaissance and madrigal works. You can use any part you wish, any time.

There are also solo songs by Schubert and other composers – you can learn the solo with Choir Prodigy and you could even perform or audition with the piece using Choir Prodigy to play the piano part for you.