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The Choir Prodigy Mission


TO increase the enjoyment and cultivation of music through the performance of music, by any person who has the desire to perform, at whatever level they want to enjoy.

The fastest, easiest, and most fruitful way for any person to have the musical skill and musicality they dream of is through one-on-one tutoring and coaching. However, most never have this access, so they never achieve their dream. Schedules of work and family, travel time and expense, and high tuition expense prohibit most from getting a personally suitable and expert teacher for extended periods on a regular basis.

Therefore, we create portable systems that overcome all of these barriers and allow anyone to easily and enjoyably learn musical performance to whatever level desired. Our music education apps are fun, easy to use, pedagogically sound, engaging, adaptive, data-rich, and more affordable than any other successful and efficacious system. Our music apps allow students to work with or without a teacher. Our music apps support a teacher while they assist the student.

Music Prodigy is particularly invested in vocal music since vocal music is enjoyed and performed by more people in more places and languages than any other instrument or musical pursuit. Choral singing and solo singing require the least investment and equipment of any social musicals activity, and singing is practiced in every culture.

Built by musicians for musicians.
(Who also happen to be award-winning professors, scientists, and programmers.)

We build systems to offer every student the benefit of one-on-one coaching and tutoring.

Richard Gard, D.M.A. - Pedagogy

A choral conductor and professor at Yale University School of Music, Richard has taught, directed, and performed alongside thousands of world-class performers during his lifelong career in music. His teaching methods are appropriate for any level of musician and drive the Choir Prodigy system.


Zeyu Jin - Science

Pursuing a Ph.D. at Princeton University, Zeyu conducts research and creates intelligent systems that are applied towards a wide range of computation-intensive musical settings such as real-time vowel detection.


Mike Georgia

Music instructor, producer and composer.
Mike has a degree from Musicians Institute, is a private instructor in the Los Angeles area, and writes, records, produces and performs original music. In addition to releasing his own original compositions on the CD In The Shadow of the Sun, more of his work can be found in Choir Prodigy's sibling Rock Prodigy. Check out his guitar-laden arrangement of the First Movement of Beethoven's Fifth.


Jose Hernandez

Music instructor, producer and composer.
José is a graduate of both Musicians Institute and University of Salamanca, Licenciado in Musicology and History of Music/Art at Salamanca, Spain. He has taught guitar and music internationally. He is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band Sonsoles which has performed in front of tens of thousands at venues like the Staples Center and Dodgers Stadium's Viva Los Dodgers.


Roger Dannenberg, Ph.D. - Science

Roger leads Carnegie Mellon's computer music department and has spent his life and research dedicated to making computers react intelligently to music.


Tyson Butler, Harold Lee, Chris Ohno

The founders of Music Prodigy, obsessively providing new, inspiring ways to interact musically with music itself.
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