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Built for vocal ensembles, Cho!r Prodigy is the only app that guarantees to improve your singing.

You won't believe how fast you learn.

Cho!r prodigy is your coach, accompanist, assistant and repertoire all-in-one.

HEAR your line of music – alone or with harmonies
SEE your line of music – alone or with harmonies
SING your line of music – alone or with harmonies

Choir Prodigy gives you as much or as little help as you want – instantly – just like the nicest teacher.

No other computer system can actually hear your pitch and help you instantly.  No other system knows if you are singing the right vowel with good tone – and help you instantly.  Only Choir Prodigy has the power to teach you and coach you instantly.

You are guaranteed to learn your part AND you are guaranteed to love the practice process when you use Choir Prodigy.

The best singer in your section.
Choir Prodigy coaches you as you learn your part - anywhere, anytime, as much as you want.

Have you ever wished for a singing coach who would practice your parts with you as much as you wanted, when you wanted?

How quickly and easily could you learn all your music if your music helped you sing the right note and the right word – instantly?

Choir Prodigy plays and displays your part, either alone or with the rest of choir. Vary the volume of both parts independently.

You can get more help in the beginning and then challenge yourself as you gain confidence and skill.

Choir Prodigy hears what pitch you sing, shows you your pitch, and scores accuracy – in real time with no lag. You get instant coaching and points for singing correctly.

Better rehearsals.
Singers know their notes, cold. Choir Directors, rejoice.

Are you a choir director?

How would your rehearsals change if your singers came in knowing their notes - cold?

What would your choir sound like if each singer received daily coaching from you?

Choir Prodigy will give each of your singers daily coaching - anywhere, anytime, as much as they need. Your singers are guaranteed to learn their part AND they are guaranteed to love the practice process using Choir Prodigy.

Choir Prodigy coaches singers as they learn their part - anywhere, anytime. Choir Prodigy's patent-pending technology discerns the five Italian vowels, shows the vowel sung, and awards points for accuracy.