Diana R.

I took a few lessons in my life and bought other courses that I never saw through because they were BORING. I have to say that I can't wait to get to my computer to play Rock Prodigy. I have a one year old son named Vaughn and I need to maximize the time that I have when I sit down and practice. Your program is allowing me to do that. My goal is in one year (or less) to be able to go to any Guitar Center and pick up a Stevie Ray Vaughan Fender Strat and play some beautiful guitar music on it.

Editor's Choice

The app actually understands what you're playing, whether you plug your guitar in to your iOS device or rely on its microphone.

Dave T

"I wanted to learn an instrument so you have opened the door for me to learn. I hope you get millions of guitarists on your app and way of thinking."

Debbie Antari commented on Rock Prodigy's photo.

Debbie wrote: "Rock Prodigy is awesome and the support is responsive and top notch. I have always played strum strum rhythm folk style guitar and am living learning some lead stuff and licks!! Love it!!"

Randy W.

I purchased the app on Thanksgiving 2012, downloaded it on my iPhone and iPad, and went to work. I’m already twice as comfortable than I was before with just a few short months of using the system... It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to get home most nights, get the kids to bed and play my Fender…

Peter J.

My biggest driving force right now is my 6-year old son Ryan. He wants to be like Dad, so the more he sees me playing the more he wants to play... my biggest driving force right now is my 6-year old son Ryan. He wants to be like Dad, so the more he sees me playing the more he wants to play.

François Leblanc commented on Rock Prodigy's link.

François wrote: "Congrats, I actually just renewed my vows to my guit, using RP! :)"

Johnny L.

"I find my students grasping rhythmic concepts more quickly with Rock Prodigy. Many guitarists struggle with rhythm." ~

The App Addict @Addicted2Apps

Want to learn how to play guitar on the go? Check out @RockProdigyLive ! Will you become the next #RockProdigy? Practice makes perfect!

Ian C.

I am a Rock Prodigy addict! I completed all lessons and exercises in the 4 Rock Prodigy courses and it has been a blast. Recently I have started playing in a very understanding band and I'm also in the process of building a Telecaster from parts... cause once you get the bug there are never enough guitars!


"Thanks for such an awesome program. I'm 44 and have been trying to learn guitar for 5 years, so Rock Prodigy is my last hope."

Felix ThePony posted on Rock Prodigy's timeline

"Hi, just dropping in to say, that I love the Windows version and hope you guys will truly support this platform. And the milestone songs are, well, a milestone...;-) Great idea, keep it up...."


"I've been playing guitar for about 9 months now but I feet like I needed a more structured way to learn guitar and Rock Prodigy seems to be exactly what i was looking for." ~

Conrad Malave @ConradMalave

@metalsello RT @RockProdigyLive: Unlock The Fretboard With The CAGED System bit.ly/QZVqgv

Christina B.

"I absolutely LOVE this program. Having the visual reassurance has been just amazing, and I've been able to practice at my own speed, and work on problems specific to my own needs, which I was not able to accomplish in a college setting."

7 Fun Ways to Become a Real Guitar Hero


"I recently took a break on Rock Prodigy and got a guitar teacher. He may be the best guitar teacher ever but there's no one like Rock Prodigy! I've showed him the app and he's lovin' it! So thanks Rock Prodigy!"

Jasin O.

The one thing I am so positive about with RP is that after every lesson I know I learned something new and useful. Being that it’s interactive, I know exactly where and how I need to improve, or the areas I should spend more time on. The really cool thing is I can go right to that area, slow it down, and loop it till I get it right... Honestly there is no better feeling then when you 1st slam that riff perfectly, or the entire song for that matter.

Andre M.

"My sons Xavier and Ethan guitar skills have both [excelled] very quickly since they have started using Rock Prodigy. The program is so much fun for them to use that they spend their free time practicing the guitar instead of playing video games."

J.C. C.

I have more learning tools, online sites, videos, magazines, books, gauges, guides and anything else one might stumble upon when searching for guitar instruction than any person should have. That being said, Rock Prodigy would have really cut back on most of it had I simply started there.

Arika wrote:

"It's a great program. I have been making lots of progress with the program on my IPad."

Jonas B.

"I haven't come across any software or online courses that even come close. I have also been going to a guitar teacher but even that does not compare to the progress I am getting from Rock Prodigy."

Ben B.

I love being able to learn and practice at my own pace, and the money savings over paying $25 a week for private lessons is huge! The app is patient and never judges, and being able to learn while basically playing Rock Band® or Guitar Hero® is so much fun!


I've attempted to learn on my own many times over the past twenty years and each time lost interest before getting very far. I like the structure and the methodical, incremental approach of Rock Prodigy. The rigorous feedback and measurement aspect of the app lets me know that yes, I am progressing. You might get this with a one-on-one instructor, but for the price of the app you'd get twenty minutes of his time, on his schedule not yours."

If You Play Guitar (or Want to), You’ll Love Rock Prodigy: Guitar

Todd C.

"I really like the structure of daily lessons to follow. I don't plan to quit my day job and I'm not sure how good I will ever be, but you have given me a gift that I can enjoy for the rest of my life."

Laura H.

I'm really grateful I found this app, It's saved me lots of time and cash, plus its very accommodating of my crazy timetable... I love that the guys at RP are so quick to offer advice and genuinely want to help. It's a great concept that has been and continues to be meticulously and skillfully executed.

Scarebear @Scarebear

Awesome. Now I can improve my #guitar playing skills on a Windows based PC with @RockProdigyLive ... Learning time. pic.twitter.com/Wnmsifqk3p

David S.

"Rock Prodigy is works great! My students have been VERY engaged because Rock Prodigy makes practice much more enjoyable."

Mark wrote:

"Hey guys you are really welcome, I'm really impressed with what you have been done. I started on Guitar Hero, worked my way through Rock Band and on to Rocksmith and I think you guys have knocked it out of the park for your first Windows release and it goes without saying the huge potential future releases might have in regards to further lessons, the possibility of licenced content and perhaps even some amp modelling and effects. I think the world is your oyster with this software, best of luck with it and I can't wait to get stuck back into it later. Time constraints and young kids mean that I had to give up my one on one lessons and I'm a bit bored of books so Rock Prodigy is just perfect for me at the moment :)"

Best Music Teaching App

Mike O.

"I am using Rock Prodigy to help teach my 5 year old son to play guitar, I've been doing the exercises myself along with him and it really gives my hands a workout. Great app!"

Johnnie Blacc posted on Rock Prodigy's timeline

"This is a great app "

Sonja F.

"I love to learn playing guitar and I think this Software is the best way for me."

There are other self-learning guitar apps in the App Store, but Rock Prodigy shines above them in my opinion. There was a considerable amount of work put into it to make sure that it offers students helpful instructions that actually help them learn to play. I’d recommend it to any beginner looking to improve their skills.

Jeff (Wales - UK)

"I tried self teaching and needless to say I spent nearly 2 years going around in circles. I pretty much didn't learn anything until Rock Prodigy came along! It's been about 4 months now and I've learned loads!"

tuna altın @tinomajere

@RockProdigyLive course 2 ends..:) i'm really having great time. Cya at level 3 ;)

Mike G.

"I LOVE this program. I've been playing for 3 years and finally I have a way to score & track my progress. I can see where I'm weak and continue to work on those areas and I haven't even started to play the songs."

Mark M.

"My 6 year old has been playing guitar for a month. We downloaded the full app tonight and he did great. Helps him measure progress and get the good kind of feedback."


"I have to say that I totally look forward to each and every time I play Rock Prodigy. This is going to give me entertainment and a challenge for years to come. RP has opened and rekindled love for music again."

Kevin R. (Germany)

"I have already learned a lot. My bandmates even asked my how I improved my skills so much in that short time."

Gerald H.

"Well worth twice the money. I take instruction every other week and your app is a great complement. My instructor has really noticed an upturn in my abilities."

Creatively Forward @CreativelyFwrd

#Recommended @RockProdigyLive for creating the ultimate feedback-driven app and motivational tool for learning guitar

Derek H.

I used Rock Prodigy on some of my older students 15+ and they were ecstatic and absolutely loved playing the milestone songs. Thanks to you I am now their favourite teacher of all time. Just want to say it is a joy today to see my students so happy and excited while playing guitar using your program. It makes teaching guitar a pleasure and not just a job.

Dave S.

"I have 3 subscription courses totaling around $700/ yr., 4 giant DVD sets costing around $600, about 75 book/DVD/cd combos, and hundreds of YouTube videos saved in a playlist, and Rock Prodigy is BY FAR worth 10 times that."

Michael G.

"I bought this about 6 months ago hoping it would work as expected. I was wrong. It worked better then expected. It even caused me to put my $77 dollar guitar in the corner and get a decent one instead."

Norm S.

"I compare this to Rocksmith and this wins hands down. Rocksmith is a nice game but at the end of "learning" a song I don't feel I learned anything at all. Rock Prodigy is a serious training tool teaching you music theory and rock music fundamentals."

Eric P.

"I have been trying to learn guitar for 2 years by searching on various sites on the internet. Rock Prodigy is by far the best program out there today. I’ve learned more in 2 months on Rock Prodigy than I’ve learn the last 2 years with various other programs."

Jayson W.

"I'm loving this App! I can literally hear the difference in just 3 weeks and that's awesome considering I never even touched a guitar before then."

Les K.

"I put learning the guitar on my bucket list, as I have always loved music and wanted to play. After trying Rock Prodigy, I am progressing a lot quicker. So thanks, now I may be able to call myself a guitarist at long last."

Roger W.

"I have owned Rock Prodigy for about a week and I started at the beginners level and I love it. I practice more than ever and I am now never embarrassed in front of my instructor with the rate of my improvement."

Beth D.

"My son would not be the guitar player he is now without Rock Prodigy! You guys changed everything for him! The program gave him confidence that he never had before! He never would have been able to get on that stage with Chris Broderick if he had not been using the app. He's changed so much in the 2 years since he was first introduced to Rock Prodigy, Thank you!!!"


"I have played on and off for years but have massive gaps in my playing that I needed to improve but never practised. With RP I am going right back to basics and learning it all properly. I'm addicted and can't wait to get home everyday and play!"


"I'm 43 and started learning guitar with Rock Prodigy exactly one year ago next month. The ONLY reason I bought an iPad was to get the Rock Prodigy app. If it wasn't for you guys I would have never learned how to play. My husband plays but doesn't have patience to teach me...At least he lets me use his gear. ;) "

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