Powerful Features

Patented technology

Simple user interface

The right note, at the right time. Rock Prodigy shows you what note to play, when to play it and awards points for playing correctly. This makes practice and learning efficient.

In this screenshot, the bottom line is the thickest string on the guitar, the number 1 is the first fret. Pluck when it crosses the green play line.

Comprehensive easy-to-follow Lesson Path

The right lesson, at the right time. Rock Prodigy courses are specifically sequenced to save you time by focusing only on the appropriate lesson or exercise for your skill level.

Easily navigate each course with the Path to always know where you are and what lies ahead. Your progress is automatically synchronized to the cloud so you know exactly what to practice and can see how fast you are improving. Best yet, it always fits into your busy schedule. Play wherever and whenever it is right for you.

Play-screen controls let you customize your learning

  • Tempo slows the tempo without changing pitch.
  • Loop repeats any section of any lesson, exercise or song so you can master it. Even at a slower tempos.
  • Auto Pause waits until you hit the correct note. This is an extremely useful feature for beginners.
  • Note Names lets you get familiar with note names which helps tremendously when jamming with other musicians or writing songs.
  • Mixer allows you to isolate your guitar signal, the pre-recorded guitar track or the backing track. If you are just beginning, mix the pre-recorded guitar track higher. If you are working on your own exercises, turn the pre-recorded track down and turn yourself up!
  • Auto Play is used to watch and listen as every note is automatically played correctly. It also plays the backing and performance track so you can listen to everything. Don’t worry about playing the notes yet and just use your eyes and ears.
  • Chromatic Tuner comes with standard tuning, alternative tunings and even capo tunings. It’s always just one click away when you login.

Polyphonic detection recognizes any guitar

Any guitar, acoustic or electric.The best way to learn to play guitar is to learn on your own guitar. That’s why Rock Prodigy’s patented polyphonic pitch recognition is designed to use the standard Windows, Mac, or iPad/iPhone microphone for acoustic guitars, or the standard line-in, if you have an electric guitar and any one of many common adapters.