Unique Courses For Today

Structured Path

Take the guesswork out of knowing what to practice. Follow the organized sequence and start up where you left off. With your progress synchronized to the cloud you can focus on having fun.

Repertoire Riffs and Milestone Songs

Immediately apply what you’ve learned to stylized riffs and songs. This is a crucial part of learning music. It’s all about playing and making music that you’ll love.


The step-by-step lessons cover all the crucial elements in playing guitar: rhythm, chords, scales, technique, and theory. It’s the unique combination of guided lessons with an expert teacher and real time feedback that allows you to achieve your goals quickly.

Digital Textbook

Multi-media classes combine videos, diagrams, and lesson workbooks that connect all the dots. You will understand why you are learning a concept and what you are playing.


Optimize your time and practice by playing to gradually increasing tempos. Efficiently develop new skills with repeating drills to ensure playing guitar becomes second nature.


Play on your own or join the community to share tips, tricks and questions. The Rock Prodigy teachers & support team are always available to join the conversation.

Fun, comprehensive, effective lessons

From picking up a guitar for the first time to advanced skills, songs and scales

Course 1: The right way to start playing guitar begins here

Course 1 is the right start for the total beginner. Learn the fundamentals which establishes good habits from the very first note. Practice smart as each piece of content is specifically designed to get the most out of your time.

Develop your technique so you can play chords and scales in rhythm and time to quickly master riffs and songs. All of these skills along with an understanding of music as a language opens the doors for playing on your own and with family and friends.

Course 2: The next step in developing essential guitar skills

Establish a solid practice routine by following the path in the proper sequence to rise to new heights. Course 2 takes it a step further by introducing skills that make you a more accomplished player. You will acquire the tools to play more styles of music and start playing solos and more advanced melodies.

Course 3: Musicality beyond the basics allows you to find your own voice

It all starts to come together when your technique becomes second nature and you can close your eyes and focus on the music. Develop a command over things like accents, strumming techniques, fingerstyle, arpeggiating and taking one concept and expanding on it to start to develop your own sound.

Course 4: Master the skills that give you a life accomplishment

Finishing Course 4 grants you full command over expressing yourself through the guitar. Now play with purpose and meaning because every note has impact and expression. Performing at an artistic level will allow your music to flow with emotion.