The Milestone song “Cajon Pass” will take you over the peaks and valleys of your basic fretting technique.

Rock-Prodigy-Fret-Cajon-PassThe Milestones are all about playing music with what you’ve learned so far. They focus on the application of everything covered in the Rock Prodigy beginner path. We created musical examples that fit your level and develop your musicianship. We chose key moments where new musical ideas can be explored and show you how to expand on what you’ve learned.

The Milestone Cajon Pass puts all the concepts and techniques that you learned so far into real music. This classic Rock-inspired song will help you understand how to make music based on the topics from Lesson 3 Basic Fretting.

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Good job on making it through lesson 3 and to the Milestone Cajon Pass. The first two lesson are intended to get you started with Rock Prodigy and understand the basics of Standard Notation, picking and fretting. Lesson 3 started digging a little deeper into your fretting technique, talking about tips on how to fret the notes, like the amount of pressure, what part of the fret  etc…

One thing that you will soon realize is that we will run into a part of a song that could be played with different combinations of fingers. We need to learn a little bit about the term Position in guitar to understand what fingers we should use. Here’s a video that talks about what positions and fingers to use in this song.

Things to know. 

The following exercise is one of the most common warm up exercises that guitar players use, no matter what level or style they play.

Rock-Prodigy-1200x627 copy.001

It covers one of the core motions that we need to develop for your fretting hand, that is playing index followed by middle, ring and pinky.

There are several tips that will really help develop your fretting technique while playing this exercise.
  1. Try to target the part of the fretboard right behind the fret for a better sound.
  2. Use the minimum amount of pressure to play the notes.
  3. When moving from fret one to fret two, try to hold your index finger on top of fret one instead of lifting it.

Rock-Prodigy-1200x627 copy.002

Apply this concept to the other fingers, so when you play fret number 4 with your pinky, all of your fingers will stay in touch with the strings. This is a great stretching exercise.

Is this is too hard right now? Try the same motion but starting way higher on the fretboard, where the frets are much smaller and work your way down.

You will see the results of this stretching in no time.

4- Play every single note with a downstroke, softly and making sure that your pick stays in between the sixth and fifth strings after you pick the sixth string.

Here’s how this song sounds


Once you are familiar with the main melodies in this song, try to practice it by mentally singing the melody and answering by playing the part. This is what we call “Call and Response” in music.


Finding good musical examples that match your knowledge could be a big challenge. The Milestones in the Rock Prodigy path are suggestions that we created based on the topics covered in the courses. Don’t limit yourself to the suggested songs and always look for music that you are excited to play.

You can even contact us in our forum to get more suggestions of songs or riffs that you might be able to play according to your level.

Stay hungry, enjoy playing  guitar and stay in tune!

Jose Hernandez

“Cajon Pass” music written and recorded by Jose Hernandez for Rock Prodigy

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