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Structured Path

Take the guesswork out of knowing what to practice. Follow the organized sequence and start up where you left off. With your progress synchronized to the cloud you can focus on having fun.

Repertoire Riffs and Milestone Songs

Immediately apply what you’ve learned to stylized riffs and songs. This is a crucial part of learning music. It’s all about playing and making music that you’ll love.


The step-by-step lessons cover all the crucial elements in playing guitar: rhythm, chords, scales, technique, and theory. It’s the unique combination of guided lessons with an expert teacher and real time feedback that allows you to achieve your goals quickly.

Real people with real results

Diana R.

I have to say that I can't wait to get to my computer to play Rock Prodigy

Jasin O.

The one thing I am so positive about with RP is that after every lesson I know I learned something new and useful

Ben B.

I love being able to learn and practice at my own pace, and the money savings over paying $25 a week for private lessons is huge!

Laura H.

I'm really grateful I found this app, It's saved me lots of time and cash, plus its very accommodating of my crazy timetable

Kevin R. (Germany)

I have already learned a lot. My bandmates even asked my how I improved my skills so much in that short time

Dave S.

I have 3 subscription courses totaling around $700/ yr. and Rock Prodigy is BY FAR worth 10 times that

Jayson W.

I'm loving this App! I can literally hear the difference in just 3 weeks

Roger W.

I practice more than ever and I am now never embarrassed in front of my instructor with the rate of my improvement.

Rock Prodigy makes learning guitar fun

Awards and Recognition

Best Music Teaching App – 148app.com

Winner! Education – Appy Awards

Editor’s Choice – evolver.fm

“Great!” – MacObserver


#1 Music App – 20 countries – Apple iOS App Store

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Course 1

Guitar fundamentals
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Courses 1-2

Intermediate essentials




Includes Courses 1-4



Our mission is to make playing guitar something you'll enjoy doing every day of your life. That’s why we created Rock Prodigy.


We are lifelong musicians. We want you to enjoy making music as much as we do. We believe a life with music is more enriched than a life without.